Unearth historical myths and local legends as you tour Northumberland’s stunning natural landscapes and built heritage.

Known for its rich traditions and the distinctive character of its people, Northumberland is the northernmost county of England and stretches over almost 2,000 square miles of breathtaking countryside, award-winning coastlines, rolling hills and charming market towns.


Follow in Roman footsteps along Emperor Hadrian’s mighty frontier and relive their story as you chart the world-famous Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site from coast to coast across the county.

Delve into a turbulent past in one of the area’s many enchanted castles, or catch the tides and head over the causeway out to The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, the cradle of Christianity in England.

For the ultimate get-away-from-it-all experience, discover the dark skies of the Northumberland National Park and stay in the Sky Den, your own personal stargazing lodge in the Kielder Water and Forest Park.

Discover a land rich in magical and mystical tales – visit Northumberland.