Private Tour of Alnwick Gardens 

The Alnwick Garden is the creation of The Duchess of Northumberland some 20 years ago, with a mixture of contemporary and extraordinary features brought together by water.

There is no other garden like this in the country. The Poison Garden is packed with deadly and sometimes familiar plants.  All visitors to the Poison Garden are forbidden to taste, touch or smell the plants, but do not worry, your expert guide will accompany you whilst revealing myths and legends along with facts from science and history. This gated wonder will leave you in amazement at how some common garden plants really do have a dangerous side!



Explore the Treehouse with a restaurant, café, beautiful decking and bridges, all built around 15 mature lime trees. A garden not only for summer months, but for all year round. Late winter and spring start with a carpet of snowdrops surrounding the pond, and Scilla and Chinodoxa blanket the lawns from the water tower.

The Ornamental Garden sees scatterings of wonderful varieties of Helleborus, winter-flowering cherry trees and beautiful Magnolias, and not forgetting tens of thousands of daffodils in The Cherry Orchard. Spring is no more signified than the sight of our magnificent ‘Tai haku’ cherry blossom (the largest collection outside of Japan). With over 300 trees, our orchard is a sight to behold. The Rose Garden is packed with thousands of blooms from June to early autumn and includes the aptly named exquisite ‘Alnwick Rose’. This is an exemplary garden and visitor attraction with surprises around every corner.